Lila Labor Postpartum Gown in Periwinkle Blue

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Lila Gown in Periwinkle Blue

Our original bestselling Lila gown is designed with actual labor in mind. Created by a Labor and Delivery Nurse and Doula, these gowns are intended to provide accessibility to your medical team, while still being stylish and comfortable for you.

Some features of this gown include:

 High-quality, butter smooth, stretch material - Did you know, for some women, sensations are experienced differently in labor? A texture that may feel fine normally can become irritating and distracting during labor. The material used for this gown has been hand-selected to be soft enough to keep you comfortable throughout.

 Low back - perfect to provide accessibility for epidural placement and/or massage.

 Opens at the belly - Most gowns for use during labor, like the typical hospital gown won't open in front at all, meaning the cords from your fetal monitors will hang down in front of your legs which can be annoying and distracting. Our labor gowns open down the middle of your belly so you can string the cords up with your portable monitoring system and keep them out of the way and out from under your feet.

 Two inside ties and full coverage - One of the most common complaints women have post-childbirth is that they felt they were not afforded privacy during labor. Other labor gowns are skimpy and revealing, and hospital gowns tend to open completely down the back with no way to keep them fully closed. Our gowns are made with 3/4 sleeves, and two inside ties to keep your gown closed without sacrificing accessibility.

 Opens at the chest - The front of this gown opens completely at the chest for skin-to-skin immediately after birth, and because sometimes that happens quickly or unexpectedly there are no knots to untie or changes of position required to give complete and immediate access to your chest for skin to skin and breastfeeding.

 Matching baby hat and swaddle option - Don't miss your opportunity to match your little peanut after welcoming them into the world. Our Lila gown can be ordered solo or as a set. Simply add a matching swaddle to your cart and use code BUNDLE50 at checkout to get a matching swaddle for  50% off the original price!

Our gowns are made of 8% spandex and 92% rayon

 Found us from Tik Tok? Yes, we are the original viral labor gown! Feel free to show off your gown and tag @mrs.unitedstates! Images are property of Lila Company.

Periwinkle Lila birth gown size chart 

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Lila Labor Postpartum Gown in Periwinkle Blue

Periwinkle / Petite
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

The buttons are plastic which is nice so it’s not cold, but I feel like they are not securely put on. I feel like they are going to pop off if I pull. Have to undo the buttons one at a time grabbing in between the pieces to try not to rip them off.

Megan B
Best addition to my hospital bag!

I ended up going to the hospital pretty far along in active labor and didn’t end up using this during labor, but it was the first thing I put on after giving birth and it was amazing! Made me feel like myself and made me feel confident in having visitors, and the endless flow of hospital staff and monitoring was a breeze. Also great for breast feeding!
Someone during my pregnancy reminded me that though there is medical involvement, you aren’t sick, you’re mind and body are going through something hard and beautiful. This dress emphasized that feeling for me!

Kylie Hodgson
Absolutely perfect!!

I am so happy with the quality and overall feel of this gown. I did not want to take it off just trying it on because it was so comfortable and light. I’m looking forward to being comfortable for labor when it comes to attire.

Estimate time frame should be longer than anticipated

When purchasing the labor gown, the system generates an estimated diluted date. With that being said I did purchase 1 of 2 labor gowns as a gift. Anticipating the gift will be here on time for the baby shower. It did not but it doesn’t mean I didn’t receive the product. Over all the product is nice quality, soft, and described as listed on their site. I do wish they sold a sample color fabric for us to be able to check out before purchasing the actual labor gown.


Love love love it!