Amelia Labor & Postpartum Gown in Blush Floral

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Our Amelia gown is our more modest and slightly more accessible alternative to our best selling Lila gown. All of our labor and postpartum gowns are designed with actual labor in mind by a Labor and Delivery Nurse and Doula. These gowns are intended to provide accessibility to your medical team, while still being stylish and comfortable for you.

Some features of this gown include:

• High-quality, butter smooth, stretch material - Did you know, for some women, sensations are experienced differently in labor? A texture that may feel fine normally can become irritating and distracting during labor. The material used for this gown has been hand selected to be soft enough to keep you comfortable throughout.

• Unsnappable Back - Our Amelia gown unsnaps down the back to provide accessibility for epidural placement or massage while still maintaining privacy. 

• Opens at the belly - Most labor gowns you’ll find don’t open in front at all, meaning the cords from your fetal monitors will hang down in front of your legs which can be annoying and distracting. Our labor gowns open down the middle of your belly so you can string the cords up with your portable monitoring system and keep them out of the way and out from under your feet.

Unsnappable Sleeves - Our Amelia gown is our only gown that offers unsnappable sleeves. This is helpful for anyone who plans to have an IV placed while in labor. Most IV's are not actively being used while in labor but instead placed out of an abundance of caution. However, if you do have fluids or medication running through an IV, the sleeves on our Amelia gown unsnap so you don't have to pause your IV infusion to remove the gown. Don't like the look of unsnappable sleeves? Check out our original Lila gown!

• Two inside ties - Did you know one of the most common complaints from women after they have given birth is that their privacy was invaded? Most labor gowns that offer a similar level of accessibility are skimpy and revealing. Our gowns are made with things like 3/4 sleeves, and two inside ties to keep your gown closed while not sacrificing accessibility.

• Opens at the chest - The front of this gown opens completely at the chest for skin to skin immediately after birth, and because sometimes that happens quickly or unexpectedly there are no knots to untie or changes of position required to give complete and immediate access to your chest for skin to skin and breastfeeding.

• Matching Baby Swaddle Set - How can you miss the opportunity to match with your baby? Our Lila gown can be ordered solo or as a set. Simply add a matching Baby Swaddle Set to your cart and use code BUNDLE50 at checkout to get the matching Baby Swaddle Set for 50% off!

Our gowns are made of 8% spandex and 92% rayon

Found us from Tik Tok? Yes we are the original viral labor gown! Feel free to show off your gown and tag @mrs.unitedstates! Images are property of Lila Co.

 Crimson Amelia birth gown size chart


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Amelia Labor & Postpartum Gown in Blush Floral

Blush Floral / Petite
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Absolutely love the design and is always such great material!

Gabriela Azamar
I would definitely recommend

I’m small chested , 32C my pants size is 10 , 5’3, 192 (pregnancy weight) so I decided on the standard . If you like more of a snug fit I would definitely recommend down sizing!! I know once I give birth it’ll be a lot bigger on me which is okay, I don’t mind. As far as the material it’s heavy but the one where you know it’s the good material. I’ve washed it about 3-4 times now since I’m using it as a night gown prior to birth and it’s amazing, no signs of the buttons coming off or anything. They are a little on the pricey side, but it’s worth every single penny.

Amy Nelson

I havent gotten to wear it during labor yet as my due date is in a few days. I saw this advertised on tiktok and read reviews and couldn't be more excited to give birth in this.

Megan Bueno
Best purchase

This gown was so perfect for labor with just the right amount of openings and comfort. It has made for a super comfy and convenient gown postpartum!

Sahra Libiy
Wrong gown

I ordered the Amelia gown but they sent the Lila. I’m too close to giving birth to exchange it. The gown is still extremely soft and beautiful though so I’m not upset about it.